Unspoken Update: This Land is Strange.

Hello! I am back one day later with another dev log Update.  I finally got the world map system more or less functional, though not super accurate. The system will be made more and more accurate in the future. Soon I will make the map sprite, for right now I have a crappy low res screenshot. Also this little addition comes with a bug fix for the mission system. Now missions will show up under their quest, and some code is in place for ‘activation’ of missions and mission waypoints. Here’s a list to simplify it


  • Added world map Ui
  • Added world map manager for tracking locations
  • Added orthographic screenshot as placeholder map
  • Added movement post process

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missions not being stored
  • Fixed missions not being displayed
  • Fixed landscape LoD blend (increasing frame rates)
  • Fixed map not opening in inventory

Known bugs

  • When a mission is activated, other missions do not deactivate
  • Missions do not spawn readable waypoints
  • Theoretically possible to add same mission to multiple quests.

Thanks for reading, that’s it for today.

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