Unspoken Update: S.C.A.R.ed badly

Hey guys, it’s been quite a while since my last post, and I wanted to give you an idea of what I’ve been doing. Recently I finished painting most of the landscape. The main world is now 4 sq Kilometers, very large, but thanks to LODs, run absolutely wonderfully with 50-80 fps on my Radeon RX 470 Msi Gaming X 8GB at ultra (I don’t settle for less). The current map finished isn’t much of it, because I haven’t done ¬†all of the foliage, but some of the foliage I would like to thank DokYo for, they are great assets. In one corner of the map there is a military base for an end game fight, not totally complete but so far looking OKAY! The native village is mostly done (thanks again DokYo) with some test NPC’s including the village leader Reno and a test NPC to give you test missions. The dialogue system is almost totally in place, along with the quest system, inventory, weapons and more! Let me give you a bit of a list.

  • Added new UI for the HUD with a compass, bullet count, life, and mission objective.
  • Added new map
  • began work on the intro animation
  • Added new animations:
  • Rifle Idle
  • Rifle Run
  • Unriversal Reload (placeholder)
  • Unarmed Idle
  • Unramed Run
  • Jumping
  • Verticle Clip Rifle Idle
  • Rifle Ironsights
  • Pistol Idle
  • Pisol Fire
  • P220 Reload animation
  • character P220 Reload animation
  • AKM 47 Reload Animation
  • SCAR Reload Animation
  • M4A1 Reload animation
  • Added sound for gunshot
  • Added particle effect for muzzle flare
  • Added UI map (still in progress)
  • Added UI inventory window
  • Added UI Crafting window
  • Added UI Objective tracking window
  • Added UI window that will soon contain world map
  • began death mechanics
  • made new Main Menu with button click animations
  • added AKM 47 mesh and blueprint
  • added M4A1 Carbine mesh and blueprint
  • added P220 mesh and blueprint
  • finally, my favorite… added SCAR L mesh and blueprint!

The guns I would like to give a big thanks to the guys at blenswap for all their help. That’s it for today! Screenshots soon.

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