Shadow Glade Update: Story mode and the end of stage 1!

Today, Shadow Glade Story mode is done! Now you can press the N key to bring up your notes, wich will turn green as you complete parts of your mission. Currently, your mission steps are:

  • get a consistent source of water
  • get a consistent source of food
  • build shelter
  • survive 2 weeks (14 days)
  • get to abandoned house

Once you have completed all of this, you can bring down an airdrop close to the abandoned house, which is a new biome. A map has been created so that you can look at it for reference, but with no player position, to add some extra element of ‘lostness’.

I am also glad to say, with this feature, stage one of the story and game is finished, and stage to will go into progress. I have one question I would like answered in the comments: should the desiese be zombie-like?

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