Shadow Glade Update: your airdrop, or mine?

Shadow Glade now has more features!

Micheal Allar’s Generic Airdrop System┬áhas been supported for the player when a radio is held. The airdrops, when retrieved will give you random loot. The system is still being supported for our project, and is not quite finished. Currently, for debug purposes only, you can hit the + key to enable the air dropping.

Because we now have Allar’s airdrop system, we also have a helicopter! That’s one step closer to the into!

The map now has a house, left to the gators, with boxes and barrels in it. The plan is to use this house as part of the story.

Alligators will be attracted to food if they are close, or are in the water when the food is. Careful not to put your fish traps too close to your base, theres a good chance the alligator will haunt your base!

Fixed a major bug where alligators were biting the player constantly, causing insta-kill. Also related to that bug, fixed a bug were alligators immediately deal damage to the player when the player is within certain proximity.

My break for July is coming up, so I’ve been busting ass to get a lot of work done. During July, I will have many hours to make 2d images and basic 3D meshes, so look forward to a graphics overhaul early August or late July.

Thank you for reading, that’s all I have today.

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