Shadow Glade Update: The Land of Thirst

Today I have great news, Shadow Glade has updated with a major few features.

whats new

  • Added new Appliance Crafting Menu
  • Added new craftable object Boiling Bowl
  • Added new Foliage Rock
  • Added Digging Out Rock mechanics
  • Added new Pickup: Rock
  • Added new actor Boiling Bowl with mechanics
  • Added new Main Menu umg with bound buttons
  • Added new Main Menu Graphics Options menu with bound buttons
  • Added new Play Options Menu with almost all bound buttons
  • Increased alligator spawn rate
  • Completed with Airdrop Inventory
  • Added Hydration mechanics
  • Added Nutrition Mechanics
  • Added health mechanics

Welcome to the land of thirst! Kick back, relax, and DRINK WATER YOU FOOL! In this new update, water is scarce, and it’s needed to survive! What happens if you drink swamp water do you think? No, not so hydrating. Luckily, your amazing survivor skills let you hollow out a tree stump to boil water in with hot rocks! Now that water is slightly more hydrating, but keeping the rocks hot is a full time job! Good luck, you might not die!

Rocks are a regular sight in the Bounding Hills, and a very important resource. Rocks are used to boil water, and now that the knife is no longer in the game, are very important at the starting of the game to harvest resources with. The new rocks can be dug out of the ground with LMB, then picked up with E. Soon rocks will be a crafting material, too.

The new menu is very exiting and I cannot wait for everyone to see it! I am impressed at how well development has gone, and the plan could be to ship a little earlier than planned, or at least make a github with free access until it is ready to ship. Hang in tight, more major changes will be happening soon.

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