Shadow Glade Hunting Lizards Hotfix

Today, just one day after the Hunting Lizards update, I have another, very significant update. This update comes with a huge bug fix, because testing found a huge issue. When trying to craft something out of the tools menu, it will craft and the game itself will work, but next time you enter a user interface menu everything freezes and input is disabled. Not totally sure why this bug was happening, but I know how I fixed it. I parented the tools crafting menu to the main UI widget, and that seemed to get things working. (I make it sound so easy! It took an hour to find that out!) I will be delving into the root of this bug for a while. The issue does not come up any more, so we can be happy.

In this update, a big gameplay issue where when opening inventory, or, actually taking mouse control ever, you have to click twice, for the screen to react. This was an issue because you would waste ammo when holding a bow.

Added new block face animation, which is played on alligator attack.

Now bows, arrows, and the axe can be crafted through the default crafting menu and no longer have to be spawned in through console. This whole update was about that, but ended up more complex, because of bugs.

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