Big May Shadow Glade UPDATE: Hunting Lizards!

Welcome to our first big month update! This is how I will be trying to release updates from here on out. I have tried to keep quiet about it during the last few posts, but now it’s here. Alligator AI animals now crawl the shadow glade world. They are mostly functional, but have some issues still. One of these issues that are known is snapping in different directions, and another is following the player out of its territory. I would like to thank you for your patience, as this was a bit of a wait for this feature. Here’s a tip: don’t make eye contact with gators.

Another new update here is that the Axe is now totally craft able from the default crafting menu. No unusable glitches or incorrect inventory loops (Unusable glitch was fixed one update ago)

I have added a new inventory item image for the pocket knife that looks much like the pocket knife. I don’t have to look at that stupid ‘No Icon’ placeholder any more!

There is a new item, the Bow, available only through spawning it through the console so far, that consumes arrows out of the player inventory and fires the into the world. Upon colliding with alligators, there arrows will cause damage, and eventually kill the enemy.

Last but not least, added the arrow itself, along with the new item class ammo. There is no stacking with arrows, so be carful how you use them. So far arrows are only spawnable through console.

Along with all of these great features, there where many bug fixes. A bug where overlapping landscape caused jitter and neon colors was fixed, and that one was probably the most complex fix. The issue there was the material gloss for the semi-new landscape material.

Later this month, I hope to do I minor crafting update, so that the bow and arrows aren’t only console spawnable. The story pieces of Shadow Glade are coming together, and progress is going well. There is some bad news that progress may be paused for most of July for family reasons, but on a better tone, we have Alligators!

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