Shadow Glade update and more…

Recently Shadow Glade got a pretty small update I want to share with you. Pieces of a very big update are coming together, but I will still tell you the rest. For a while now, I have been getting a funny “unusable object” bug, where when I inject an item into the players inventory, it is just an actor to fill a space, yet serves no use. Eg. When making the axe crafting, I would try to inject an axe into the players inventory with a ‘false’ object, just using the pickup function with a refrance, not an actor. Luckily, I think I may have gotten to the bottom of this. While I have the object in my inventory, and I click on it to use it, it calls the use function of the actor that was picked up. When picking up an object I set the visibly of the object off, set the collision to overlap all, and have it move with the player so, when I drop it, I set its visability and collision to true and detach it from its parent dropping it. If you followed along, you would notice, I never actually destroyed the actor I picked up. When injecting the actor into the players inventory, I was sloppy and didn’t quite do the same parenting, so I ended up destroying it. Then, when I click on the item in my inventory, I try to call the on use function associated with it, and because I destroyed the picked up actor, that no longer exists. So that’s our big bug fix today!

Added new actor ‘Swiss Pocket Knife’ that can be equipped to allow the player to harvest materials for an axe, which is far superior. The knife will be spawned next to the player when the game starts.

Added new super cool knife mesh. It has inspired me to maybe make it so that when equipped, the player flips it in their hand. Possible future addition.

Added new HD texture and gloss for the new knife. Swiss Pocket Knives for all!

Added new damage system for player, the way that damage is taken is now lag-free and running well.

Now here’s the and more stuff in the title. After pondering for a while, I realized that in my time budget for releasing on September 1st was not including save game, procedural map generation, audio, or menus. Because of this, I am very sorry, but the EA release date will probably be early October. I hope you understand.

Thats it for today!

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