Shadow glade update!

A minor update for shadow glade has been released. I am only going to say part of this update, because some new features are part of a huge update coming up. In this update we have…

  • Physics water
  • Water blur
  • Post process effects for a damage indicator
  • New high poly axe mesh
  • New idle animation
  • New swing axe animation
  • More key binding fixes for mac
  • ┬áMore key binding fixes to Logitech gaming gear
  • Whole new key binding for steel sieries gaming gear
  • New wire mesh view toggle

And, most of my time has been going to something else, but, that’s a secret. Hang on in there, the big secret will be released sometime next next week, or possibly a little later, because I have a ton of bugs hanging on. I am getting really exited for the new update and I know you all will too.

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