The future of Shadow Glade: what do we want, and why?

Welcome to another discussion. Today I am going to be talking about what we want in the future of Shadow Glade. I will go over a few things I have said before, but also add some new things and other ideas to the list.

Artificial intelligence, that is a big project that is currently in progress. There are many different AI, and they will be worked on over a long period of time, for animal brains are very complex and to make anything even close, takes something also very complex. Since last post was on AIs, I won’t go over them very much right now. Instead we will think of something more interesting.

The biomes system I said briefly in a very short post two posts ago. This system, I feel, will probably give the player another feeling of foraging, like in minecraft for example, there are some resources that spawn only in some biomes, so you must go on a quest for those resources when needed. Different biomes will have different challenges and different foliage types, so therefore different graphical appearance. Biomes is also something that I have gone over a bit in the last two posts, so we can wrap this part up, too.

Some possible new foliage. I have recently went to some swamps in my area for inspiration, and have noticed that our visuals compared to these real swamps are very monocolered. We have plent of grass, and the colors of grass work very well with the new shaders, we have four different trees, we have three different bushes on the ground, and a few reeds. That’s mostly it. This will be remedied, unless the community asks me not to, with some instances of foliage I saw in these swamps. I saw some very colorful plants such as dogwood, skunk cabbage, lilies, beds of grass floating stop the water, and man different flowers. I hope to add these foliage season in the biome update, or an update just prior to biomes.

I was thinking of adding an intro when the player starts a new game, with the helicopter failing and crashing. I have the low poly asset of the player mesh for this intro, but that is all I have done so far. The intro could be included in the EA trailer, so it’s probably worth doing.

The infection update was one that I was thinking of. It could include food spoiling, an if an open wound comes in contact with water, then it may cause an infection. Infections would cause your player to slowly loose life, or more quickly than usual loose hunger and thirst. Infections could be cured with herbal medicine, or even salvaging medicine.

Possibly there could be the option from first person and third person, though when I have done this before there have been a number of graphical rotation camera control yaw issues, that could take first person toggle longer to implement. Also speaking on this subject, true first person, as in first person with a third person body, could be possible later. The first person hands currently equipped to the player do not resemble the player model much at all, so I will need to make new first person arms. These additions are possible in the big graphical update.

Boats are a possibility for Shadow Glade, as one of the biomes soon to be added is the deep mire, which could be very dangerous to cross without a boat. The boat may not be in the game for a very very long time, if ever. The boat mechanics are unclear in a game like this, and it is very unrealistic that you would make a boat when stranded in the swamp.

There are many many more things I would love to discuss with you, but that may be later, for this article is getting a little too long for my liking. Thank you so much for reading, and I am very sorry that updates have been less frequent lately.

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