AI: a potential issue/exitement/cool feature for Shadow Glade

So here we go, debating another part of shadow glade. There will need to be AI in the final game, but this may cause some bugs and or gameplay issues. Hopefully, we will be able to fix them. First of all, there will be a lot of planning for the AI. Here’s where we start.

AI types? Suggested in the last post for Shadow Glade, we briefly talked about the biome system that is coming soon. In each biome, there will be random chances that the different AIs will spawn, but, for instance, the Hanging Jungle biome has a better chance to spawn a constrictor snake than the, well, Bounding Hills. In case you haven’t caught on yet, this is not an update. ( XD I know sorry. )

Here is another thing we have to ponder about AI types. There are 3 families of AI that will be in Shadow Glade. Family 1 is aggressive, family 2 is defensive, and family 3 is passive. In each of these families we have to make the different AI animals. There are a few ways to graph the animals, one way is to put them in their families of behavioral types(figure 1), and another is to seperate them into which are likely to spawn in what biome(figure 2).


Figure 1


Figure 2

I found that both of these graphs worked for very different purposes. Figure 1 works well in the food chain pyramid visualization, and seeing how big of a job I have. Figure 2 works better to visualize how biodiverse each biome is, and helps me remember what to spawn where when writing the code. Though they both work for different things, they still help you understand the AI more than you would if I just made a bullet list like I usually do.

Agressive animals is something that I have to be cautious of, because in video games, agressive animals commonly end up as some psycho beast, when really the animal itself is just a curious little fellow, or territorial. In either case, I musnt mess up the aggression. Once the game is done and you read this post looking back, and you go, hey, you messed up the AI if this is what you think, please be sure to tell me.

How many numbers? Should shadow glade have an open world, with not too many AI, or should there be enough AI you always see one? I don’t want the world to be too boring, yet I also don’t want there to be so many AI that you spend all your time killing alligators and muskrat (unless that’s all you want, obviously). I will experament with those numbers until I get it right.

Thanks for reading this long lecture about AI, I know I am not the most fun to hear Jabbba-Yabbba-Gabbba a bunch. Please leave a comment with your thoughts on my AI delemma.

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