Shadow Glade concept and ideas

so far shadow glade development is going pretty well, but it needs something more, so that it’s not just any survival game.

One idea I had was add biomes, different types of terrain. For example, some biomes are covered in water, were others have some hills. Biomes will contain different foliage types, and different fauna.

As a concept for a Hanging Jungle type biome, I tried making some physics actor vines to hang from trees, but found that it is very hard to attach the vine to the tree realistically. These vines will go through more development before I can finally hang them on trees.

Perhaps a map editor/creator. The most difficult part would be terrain height maps, but if I can overcome that, than you could, maybe, get to build your perfect little swamp scene.

Please give me ideas! Thanks. I know that’s not a lot for these past few days, but the next update is big and exiting! Of cousrse, mums the word.

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