Shadow Glade MAJOR UPDATE!

The base crafting update is HERE! In this new update, there is a pause menu with graphics options, a dynamic landscape material, completely redone UI for the inventory and crafting, new first person view, water blur, new actors, and more!

In this new update we loose many features we had before, but now have physics objects for items, new better crafting and many other important parts of gameplay. Tree chopping is now fully supported. The actor Log was added to the world at random. Swamp Hibiscus was temporarily removed, along with grass, and near all item meshes. These will be re-implemented soon.

Item stacking was permanently removed due to numerous issues it caused. The key bindings have been reset, and will be redone soon.

next will be the crafting and graphical appearance update, and after that a concept that I have come up with will be added and there will be different types of swamp all over the map, named biomes after, well, biomes.

If you know a texturer or are one, please contact me in the comments, because I need my alligator mesh textured!

Thanks for reading, and following this game through development. I cannot wait for its release either!

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