Shadow Glade development has started!

Shadow Glade is an young game being created. You take the place of a helicopter pilot, who ends up going down in a quagmire. The dangers of a swamp are more real than ever, in this thrilling survival title. Craft tools to help you survive, make shelters, harvest materials, and defend yourself from the dangers of the basin. The dangers include Cougars, Alligators, venomous Cottonmouth snakes, and worst of all, infection and disease. How long will your story last, in the Shadow Glade?

Develoment has just started, and Shadow glade will take quite a while to develop. With the small one man team of just me, the planned early access release date is August 31st. To be released on GoG, then steam greenlight. To follow Shadow Glade’s development, look at this┬áblog filter.

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