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Do your homework!

This little typing program would be great if your new to the world of PC gaming, you can learn where the keys are for more effective gaming. Made in HTML5, just a little mini game! If a lot of people like this I’ll add more levels, but its so basic that I don’t think anyone would like it!

This is my version of an awesome example that Mike Glover showed me once.

Here’s the game itself: typing

Haze Development Has Started


Haze- An open world role playing game, is being developed. First and third person views are supported, inventory and equipping have been made, crafting has been made, multiplayer scripts are being written, and a virtual world, as beautiful as this one, is being made.

Unfortunately, open world games can only be optimized so much. Haze will have a minimum tech specs. If you give me a comment of your tech specs I might be able to tell you your frames-per-second. Currently, Haze is in very early development and the tech specs are going to change a lot.

Haze is going to be a PC game. Controller support will not be included, at least not for quite a while. VR support is possible, but also further down the Development Roadmap for Haze; mostly because I do not have a VR headset.

Current Haze Features

  • Mobile, fully functional, third and first person view character.
  • Health system
  • Sprinting and stamina system
  • 3 types of simple and insanely buggy AI (1 boss, 2 common)
  • A large, beautiful world with many biomes with different fauna and flora
  • A fully functional inventory system
  • A fully functional crafting recipe system
  • A fully functional equipping system
  • 10 items
  • A high-poly, console-quality character with textures
  • The starting of NPC’s
  • Very ugly placeholder animations

Development Roadmap for Haze

  • Build until in an early access, playable form.
  • Add a graphical menu.
  • Add options, such as graphic settings, character gender, ect.
  • Expand the world, add more biomes.
  • More AI, and more advanced AI.

I am sorry to tell you, I am not a professional developer, and so this game will be very slow progress. Sorry.Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.47.01 PM

Frozen Fog Is Ready For Release

After working on this generic project for fourish months, it is ready to release to the public. This project is still really buggy, and its my first copleted project, so don’t think of this as one of the games I will release.

Frozen fog was made in Unreal Engine 4.8.1, which is not the most recent version. UE4 was just updated a couple of weeks ago to 4.9.2, and then to 4.10!

Great thanks to this project from Crocopede (you can find him at for teaching me some blueprint basics, along with line tracing. Great thanks also to Ben from for all of his great tutorials. I also want to thank the Tesla Dev, Rakiz Farooq and PRDV entertainment youtube channels. You guys all helped me learn unreal engine so well! If anyone reading this wants to learn the Unreal Engine, too, i suggest looking at these guys work.

Frozen Fog takes place in the future. Humans will do anything to fix the global warming problem, even cut the ozone that holds out the cold space air. The ozone cutting satellite orbited into the International Space station, sending it crashing into the ozone layer, and smashing a huge hole. cold air rushed in, freezing the ground and the ocean, the only hope was to make enough space stations to hold all the people who could pay. of corse, there are always some that cannot pay.

Dale, a navy SEAL cannot pay. He could just barley pay for his life support suit, and even that won’t help for much longer. Dale needs to sneak aboard a space station before it takes off. Good luck with the security guards, Dale.

Just In case you didn’t already get it, this is not a game. This is me messing around with unreal engine, and I thought I should just show it to you.

You you will be able to get the project soon, so far just supported for OSX here on Github. Thanks All!

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